Biology Student Association Sharing Vol. 1

Himbio Sharing is an activity carried out by the Community Service Department of the Biology Student Association (HIMBIO) of Universitas Airlangga in order to distribute weekly donations which are held both offline and online in each class year. This activity was held for all Biology students starting from the Class of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 with the hope of disbursing donations from Himbio members to communities in need. This event was held for one day on Thursday, 9th of May 2024 at the Cahaya Insani Orphanage located at Jl. Gubeng Kertajaya III No. 3, Gubeng, Kec. Gubeng, Surabaya, East Java.

The purpose of this activity is to disburse funds from the members of HIMBIO through donations recieved weekly. In addition, this activity is used as a moment to strengthen the relationship between members of the HIMBIO through the interactions and togetherness in a series of activities as a form of implementing the points of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, namely community service. The target of this activity is the community in need that is in accordance with SDGs 2.

This activity began with preparations for the location and was attended by the Head of the community service department, the secretary of the community service department, 4 members of the community service department, 1 DPO, the Chairman of the Biology Student Association, the Vice Chair of the Biology Student Association, and 2 representatives from other departments in Himbio. We departed at 03.00 p.m. and arrived at the location at approximately 03:30 p.m. Before departure, we started the activity in the afternoon by praying first in hopes that the Himbio Sharing Vol 1 event could run successfully and smoothly. After arriving at the location, we met with representatives of the Cahaya Insani Orphanage while waiting for the young children there to gather. After the situation became conducive, we started HIMBIO Sharing with a short game so that the event would not be awkward. We played games starting from clapping happily with the techniques if the MCs say, good morning then the children clap once, if good afternoon is said then clap twice, if the MCs clap and say good afternoon and good night then the children are not allowed to clap. In addition, we also played ‘’follow the cues” game with back and forth, left and right movements to sharpen the memory and focus of the young children. Guided by the MC, the children followed the activities conducively even though some of the children there were less active during the scope of activities.

Next, we also played “Let’s collaborate!”. The technique of this game is when the MC says three vehicles including bicycles, rickshaw, and cars. If the MC says bicycle, then all the children can gather two people, rickshaw gathers 3 people and car gathers 4 people. The children who were there participated in the activity with a lot of excitement and joy. The biology students also actively participated in the event and there were some small punishments for those who did not get a partner during the game. As for the punishment, the seniors were invited to direct the younger siblings while telling a story that would later mention one of the three vehicles. After things started to get crowded and quite a challenge, we made a cue with two vehicles, for example “car and rickshaw”, which meant to gather 7 people.

It was almost 4.30 p.m. and we continued with a group prayer guided by the MC so that it would not only ease our minds but also our hearts. We read prayers from Ayat Kursi and continued to pray for both parents. We hoped that our prayers would be answered by Allah SWT. After finishing the prayer, we began to hand out donations from Universitas Airlangga’s Biology students in the form of snacks and a stationery kit. Although there were not many children present, we were happy that the children could participate in the activities we held there. They were so happy that they immediately opened the gifts we had given them. We did not forget to document the activities by taking pictures with the children and with the caregivers of the Cahaya Insani Orphanage. Not to forget, we took pictures with the members of Himbio and DPO who were present to capture the moment of Himbio Sharing Vol 1 and concluded with a prayer that this activity in the late afternoon could be useful for others. Hopefully the next Himbio Sharing activity will run smoothly, be a success, and a positive contribution to the local community.